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David Mason, Jr. started Dav-Tech Plating in 1974 as a one-man shop in a converted garage in Marlboro, MA. Serving as President, Line Operator, Racker, Masker, Shipper & Receiver, Dave was confident that customers would find value in a relatively new finish in the plating industry called Electroless Nickel.

Although the finish had been used for some years, new chemistry and improved technology indicated that electroless nickel may have more commercial appeal than it had in the past. Dave began his quest to become one of the best electroless nickel plating finishers in Massachusetts.

Today, more than 30 years later, Dav-Tech Plating Inc. is one of the largest metal finishing companies in the United States, specializing in electroless nickel plating, anodizing, hardcoating, chemical film and passivating. As the vendor of choice for some of the country's largest OEMs, the parts Dav-Tech processes are used all over the world in a multitude of applications.

The 700-square-foot facility that Dave originally started with is now a modern 70,000-square-foot plant and with a total employment of over 80 personnel, dedicates itself each day to the same philosophy that drove Dave to start this business.

We operate on the philosophy that if you give a customer a quality product at a competitive price and show them that you have the capacity to repeat that performance, then you become partners in each other's success. This approach has served us well, as evidenced by the success and strength of Dav-Tech Plating and all of our partner customers.


Dav-Tech Plating, inc.
PO Box 836, 40 Cedar Hill Rd., Marlborough, MA 01752
Phone: (508) 485-8472 • Fax: (508) 481-2364 • Email: Info@Dav-TechPlatingInc.com
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