Dav-Tech's revolutionary Dav-Lon®, electroless nickel with Teflon®, incorporates a proprietary process to deliver our customers a coating with superior properties.


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Dav-Lon® is a chemically deposited nickel-phosphorous alloy that is specially treated, using our proprietary process, to infuse a fluorocarbon polymer into the electroless nickel matrix. This coating, which has a surface appearance similar to 300-series stainless steel, is used to further enhance the excellent lubricious wear and corrosion properties of Dav-Tech Plating's Dav-Lin® electroless nickel.

Dav-Lon® Properties


.0001” to .010” is possible
Most applications run .0002” to .0015”

Hardness, as deposited Rc 48
Hardness, heat treated Rc 68
Specific gravity Approximately 7.8
Coefficient of friction Wet (oiled), .04
Dry, .08
Wear Resistance

We recommend a higher thickness for most aggressive environments.

Corrosion Resistance

We recommend a higher thickness for most aggressive environments.

Acid Resistance Passes Nitric Acid spot test
Magnetic Properties Non-magnetic
Reference Specifications

Applicable specifications, for electroless nickel only, include:

  • MIL-DTL-26074
  • ASTM B733
  • AMS-2404
  • ELV
  • RoHS
  • WEEE


Benefits of Dav-Lon®

The ability to coat complex parts uniformly, allowing the deposit to mirror the substrate's surface contour, is Dav-Lon®'s greatest benefit. The coating deposits uniformly wherever it contacts your product, so we can process complex parts with no edge build up and ensure uniform coating thickness in recesses regardless of part configuration.

Typical Dav-Lon® Applications

Application Reasons for Use
Gun Components Wear, corrosion, appearance
Food Handling Equipment Wear, corrosion, cleanliness
Molds, Dyes Wear, corrosion, release, uniformity of deposit over complex shapes
Pumps Erosion, corrosion
Gears/Bearings Wear, contour replication
Hydraulic Cylinders Wear, corrosion, uniformity in IDs
Marine Electronic Parts Corrosion
Medical Corrosion, cleanliness
Printing (rolls, accessories) Wear, ink-resistance, uniformity


Planning for Dav-Lon®

When ordering Dav-Lon® , please let Dav-Tech Plating know the following so we can make appropriate arrangements and recommendations:

  • Your base material
  • Thickness range and tolerance
  • Masking requirements, if any
  • If you need as-deposited or heat treated
  • End use of product


Download our Dav-Lon Datasheet

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