Chromate Conversion

Dav-Tech's unique tank size capacity makes us the chromating facility of choice among leading manufacturers. 


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Chromate Conversion defined

When aluminum and aluminum alloys are immersed in a controlled chromic acid bath with special additives, a chemical conversion reaction occurs at the metal's surface. This reaction produces a complex, non-crystalline, non-porous coating consisting of a thin aluminum oxide film with entrapped chromates and dichromates. The coating's corrosion resistant properties are due primarily to the chromates, specifically the hexavalent chromium.

Dav-Tech Plating's chromating baths have been formulated to achieve the optimum coating performance for a chromate finish.

Dav-Tech Chromating Properties

Reference Specifications
  • All chromate is processed and tested in accordance with MIL-C-5541
  • Bath formulation's chemistry controlled by MIL-C-81706
  • RoHS
  • WEEE

Benefits of Dav-Tech Chromating

Dav-Tech Plating's chromating services offer several benefits: 

  • Low-cost option for corrosion and wear protection
  • A bonding agent for paint and adhesives
  • A lubrication carrier
  • Final finish
  • Minimal electrical resistance
  • No effect on critical dimensions, in most cases

Typical Applications and Planning

Dav-Tech chromate is typically used for:

  • Aluminum frames and weldments for the computer and defense industries. Our chromating technology deals effectively with poor drainage and entrapped chemicals, a complex problem common to frames manufacturerd of welded tubing and pipe.
  • Aluminum extrusions, tubing and structural assemblies. These can be chromated in lengths of 16 to 20 feet and cross sections of 4 to 5 feet.
  • Any aluminum part that requires painting for corrosion resistance.

RoHS Compliant Chem Film
Dav-Tech offers you the option of using a chem film instead of our chromate film. The chem film meets the following directives:

• RoHS
• MIL-C-5541, with all the same benefits as our conventional chromate conversion coating

The environmentally friendly coating contains no hexavelent chrome. 


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